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Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy: American Actress

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of Hollywood’s coveted actresses. Her breakthrough role as The Witch made her famous, followed by roles in Split, Glass, New Mutants, and The Northman.

Recently, actor Natalie Portman shared in an interview with Drew Barrymore details from her difficult childhood – in particular being victimized by bullying and suffering as a result.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Biography

Anya Taylor-Joy is a striking beauty with captivating eyes and an infectious smile, who has taken Hollywood by storm since being born on April 16, 1996. Born and living abroad has provided her with an eclectic background that has helped shape her acting career; being born in various countries has given her insight into their cultures as well as allowed her to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Anya was born to Dennis Alan Taylor, a banker, and Jennifer Marina Joy, an Argentine psychologist. While growing up, Anya moved around often with her family; currently, they all reside in London together with four siblings from her father’s previous marriages.

After finishing her early education, Anya traveled to New York City to pursue an acting career. Her first appearance was on Endeavour; this performance earned critical acclaim and led to many more opportunities; since then she has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, most recently appearing in 2020’s movie, “The Queen’s Gambit”.

Anya Taylor-Joy, in addition to appearing in films and television shows, has also made her mark as a model. She has represented various fashion brands – most notably Viktor & Rolf Fragrance’s ‘Flowerbomb’ collection as the face. Furthermore, Anya offers clothing and accessories under her label under the name Anya Taylor-Joy.

She is an outstanding actor with the skill to deliver drama and conflict from within, through captivating characterization that exudes both craftyness and vulnerability simultaneously. She has an unparalleled gift for making her characters come to life and has received numerous accolades for her performances.

After her success with The Witch, Anya’s career skyrocketed. She has appeared in high-profile movies like Luke Scott’s Morgan and M Night Shyamalan’s Split as well as co-starring alongside Samuel L Jackson in Glass. Additionally, Anya has received several award nominations.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Career

Anya Taylor-Joy may now be an established movie star, but she wasn’t always so successful as a child due to being bullied due to her wide eyes. After dropping out of school to pursue acting full-time and receiving support from both of her parents for her decision – they even allowed her to travel the world!

Taylor-Joy credits her unique upbringing for shaping her into an accomplished actress. Her first film role came in The Witch, to much critical acclaim; since then she has appeared in Split and Glass films and continues to prove herself worthy as an acting talent. Since then she has gone on to work across numerous genres – becoming an invaluable resource for directors searching for actors with talent.

Her versatility and dedication to her craft have won her an avid following of fans. Nicholas Hoult himself praised her for immersing herself into each character she portrays, most recently Queen’s Gambit on Netflix which followed chess prodigy Beth Harmon and saw over 62 million viewers tune in during its premiere – becoming one of the highest-viewed limited series ever!

Taylor-Joy excels both in acting and ballet dance, being fluent in English, Spanish, and French – she even loves learning the art of acting from her instructors! Taylor Joy currently works with director Robert Eggers to remake Nosferatu – her third film project together!

Eggers has worked with several actresses before and is well known for his intensive shooting schedules and demand that actors work hard during production. He has even been described as a director who pushes their cast to perform at their absolute best. The film is scheduled for release sometime in 2022.

Anya Taylor-Joy maintains an active, healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule by regularly exercising and adhering to a vegan diet. When relaxing she enjoys watching films and reading novels; in particular, Jane Austen is one of her favorite authors and she hopes one day she may play Emma herself!

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Personal Life

Anya Taylor-Joy was six when her family relocated from Argentina to London, which proved an enormously difficult transition for her as she did not speak the local language and felt isolated and homesick. According to “The Sun”, Anya frequently wept in school bathrooms due to bullying from classmates; many would pick on her simply for not speaking their tongue and being a foreigner.

She told the paper that many would tease and bully her because she did not share in their vocabulary – many even tried bullying her because of who she was as she could not speak their tongue as her Argentinian background prevented them from understanding English when needed for language class projects or lessons involving foreigner teachers or teaching assistants being bilingual (insufficient knowledge or skills of speaking their language) meant being picked on by students for not speaking its native tongue when communicating.

But the actress, known for roles such as Peaky Blinders and The Northman, persevered and soon found herself featured in some of the world’s most critically-acclaimed movies. She received nominating nods for both Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role as Beth Harmon in 2020’s Queen’s Gambit, earning nominations at both. Moreover, critics lauded her as Casey Cooke in both psychological horror-thrillers Split and Glass where she garnered critical acclaim as well as award nominations nominations.

Ariana has also appeared in films like Jojo Rabbit and Thoroughbreds. Now she has become an international superstar: representing Chanel as the face and voice of the Super Mario Bros. movie; PEOPLE named her one of its “100 Next 2021,” while also making history by being included on Cannes Film Festival’s inaugural list for Trophee Chopard award with Florence Pugh, Charli D’Amelio and Rege-Jean Page – among many others!

As well as being an accomplished actress, this star is also an accomplished artist in her own right. She paints and draws, even creating hand-made dolls. She has spoken about how art helps her gain insight into her characters’ minds when acting.

Last Night in Soho marks Wright’s return to cinematic prominence following Baby Driver and proves him an adept director, crafting an intelligent, provocative narrative with a steady rhythm. Wright captures the fashion and sexual liberation of 1960s fashion in stunning detail while foregrounding McKenzie and Taylor-Joy’s exceptional performances, particularly Eloise’s transition from confident coquette to broken doll; similarly, Taylor-Joy infuses Sandie with genuine pathos as her character descends from high society into sorority and sorority.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Acting Career

After moving with her family to London, Anya Taylor-Joy focused her acting talents on films and television shows, receiving roles both large and small. Her breakthrough came with her portrayal of Thomasin in the period horror film The Witch (2015); this was her debut leading role and was met with critical acclaim – marking the start of an amazing acting career for Taylor-Joy.

Her career continued when she took on a lead role in Luke Scott’s science fiction horror flick Morgan, which unfortunately was a box office failure but received praise from critics, including Booth Michigan’s John Serba who wrote that her performance “disarms us with its keen balance between little-girl innocence and dead-eyed viciousness.

Taylor-Joy first gained widespread acclaim when she played Emma Woodhouse in Peaky Blinders for five and six seasons between 2020-2022, receiving both Golden Globe Award nominations and Screen Actors Guild Award nods for her portrayal. Subsequently, she earned rave reviews as Chess Prodigy Beth Harmon for Netflix MiniSeries The Queen’s Gambit; again earning Golden Globe and SAG nominations as well as being nominated by BAFTA Award judges as Best TV Drama series! Taylor-Joy will soon also start roles including Last Night in Soho as well as Mark Mylod’s black comedy The Menu scheduled to release sometime during 2022.

Anya Taylor-Joy leads an active lifestyle, advocating for animal rights while supporting LGBT community issues and music. An avid reader and passionate musician, she enjoys hiking, painting, and spending time with her dog during her free time; in addition to this, she participates in several charitable activities to further animal welfare. Besides that, she travels frequently and has visited several countries throughout her lifetime.


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