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Anok Yai

Anok Yai – Modeling Career and Lifestyle

In October of 2017, Anok Yai was discovered by a professional photographer at Howard University’s Homecoming Week and taken viral on social media with over 20,000 likes – garnering the interest of several modeling agencies – ultimately signing with Next Model management.

Alim Yai serves as her manager and financial consultant. Alim studied biochemistry at Plymouth State University with aspirations of becoming a doctor.

Personal Life of Anok Yai

Anok Yai, of South Sudanese descent, is a fashion model well-known for her editorial campaigns and covers of magazines like Vogue and i-D. After Naomi Campbell, she became the second Black model to open Prada shows as she serves as Estee Lauder’s spokesmodel for luxury beauty products.

Starting her modeling career off right, she was photographed by a professional photographer at Howard University’s Homecoming week in October 2017; these pictures went viral and modeling agencies began offering her jobs – eventually signing with Next Model Management as her representation.

Anok has always had a passion for fashion and has dreamed of becoming a model since watching America’s Next Top Model as a child. While watching America’s Next Top Model and envisioning herself walking down designer runways was fun to watch; as she got older she realized her height and complexion made her an ideal candidate for print and runway modeling; yet was uncertain of whether her skin tone could compete in an industry dominated by light skinned models.

At 17 years old, Anok Yai was discovered by a photographer during Howard University’s homecoming week who asked to pose for him before publishing them on his Instagram account, TheSUNK. Her photos quickly went viral with over 20k likes on TheSUNK; several modeling agencies contacted Anok and she decided to sign with Next Model Management.

As well as her work in fashion, she also serves as a motivational speaker. She has shared her journey as a model and the importance of diversity within the fashion industry with audiences around the country, encouraging others to follow their dreams without letting anyone stop them from doing so.

Anok Yai and Alton Mason, another model, have been in a relationship for an extended period. The couple regularly post pictures on Instagram showing their closeness, showing off how much time they spend together, and showing how happy they both are in the relationship.

Her Net Worth

Anok Yai, 20, is an American-Sudanese model who quickly rose to fame when her photo went viral online. Born December 20 1997 in Cairo Egypt and relocated to Manchester New Hampshire when she was two, Anok’s older sister Alim serves as both manager and financial consultant; Anok studies biochemistry at Plymouth State University with hopes of one day becoming a doctor.

“Her modeling career started while attending Howard University Homecoming Week when a photographer asked to take her picture and it went viral, garnering over 11,000 likes on social media within 24 hours! Following this experience, several modeling agencies approached her until finally signed with “Next Management.”

Since then, she has participated in multiple fashion shows and campaigns for various brands, appearing in numerous Vogue editions as well as walking for famous designers such as Prada, Nike, and Estee Lauder.

She is widely recognized for her fashion sense and enjoys wearing different trends; often making them her own and often seen wearing crop tops, miniskirts, and cargo pants; she even enjoys donning leather clothing! She has served as an excellent role model to many young women and serves as an inspirational force behind them all.

As of 2019, she had amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $3.5 Million. Her primary source of income is modeling work; other sources include endorsements and fashion shows. In addition, she’s actively engaging on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Anok takes an optimistic view of life and believes she can accomplish anything through hard work. She admires actors Ian Somerhalder and Scarlett Johansson and enjoys swimming and singing as leisure activities. Additionally, Anok advocates for diversity by showing openness towards all people; she hopes to serve as a model to dark-skinned girls, helping them gain confidence.

Body Measurements of Anok Yai

Anok Yai N’s height is 5′ 10″ (178 cm). Her weight is 119 lbs (54 kg). Body measurements 34 – 27 – 35.

Anok Yai, an American fashion model who is also well-known for her social media activities, rose to fame when an image taken at Howard University Homecoming Week went viral online in 2017. As soon as her image went viral, numerous prestigious modeling agencies began approaching her for modeling work; currently, she models under Next Management.

Anok was born on 20 December 1997 in Cairo, Egypt but her family later relocated to Manchester, New Hampshire when she was two. Anok holds both American nationality and South Sudanese ethnicity – her father works at Easterseals while her mother is a nurse – her parents own Easterseals while Alim Yai works as a financial consultant.

Anok Yai’s Modeling Career

Her career as a model began after being discovered by a professional photographer during homecoming week at Howard University in 2017. The photographer took a picture and posted it online; within just 24 hours it received over 20k likes on Instagram! With this surge in attention came calls from top modeling agencies including IMG Models and Next Model Management offering contracts.

She quickly rose through the ranks, walking for many acclaimed designers and brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Versace Miu Miu Stella McCartney Dsquared2 Givenchy Dries Van Noten Tom Ford among many more. Additionally, she made appearances on the covers of magazines like i-D Magazine Another Magazine CR Fashion Book Vogue Korea as well as numerous publications.

She became the first model from South Sudan to open a Prada show and the second black model after Naomi Campbell to do so. Additionally, she has graced numerous international Vogue covers, including three times appearing on American Vogue covers.

She is also an avid traveler, frequently posting images from her trips on her Instagram account and receiving compliments for them from followers who may call her the sexiest model ever. She currently dates Alton Mason who himself has modeled for renowned brands and designers such as Yeezy, PUMA, Brooks Brothers Michael Kors Valentino among many more.

Anok Yai’s Lifestyle

Sudanese model Anok Yai has transformed from a biochemistry student to one of fashion’s most in-demand faces within just years. She’s become a regular presence at top shows (Prada and Valentino), ads by Estee Lauder, and magazine covers like Vogue.

At Howard University’s homecoming in October 2017 is where she first caught the fashion world’s eye. A professional photographer snapped and posted a picture of her online, which quickly went viral, leading to several modeling agencies approaching her for representation.

Soon after signing with a New York agency, Yai made history as the first black model since Naomi Campbell in 1997 to open a Prada show – yet despite her rapid ascent to fame, she remains grounded and dedicated to her education; currently enrolling at an online university to continue pursuing a biochemistry degree.

As for her style, Yai is always ahead of the trends–and she doesn’t shy away from trying new trends! From crop tops and miniskirts to cargo pants and leather clothing, she combines different looks into an eye-catching ensemble that suits her perfectly.

Fashion Week involves many moving parts–set designers, nightlife impresarios, photographers, influencer wranglers, and florists–but its heart beats from the models themselves. Anok Yai of New York stands out as an individual who can handle this demanding schedule with grace; she’s been making waves in the industry ever since she made her debut as an Anok model.


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