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Anna Friel

Anna Friel: English Actress

Anna Friel first rose to fame playing Brookside teen Beth Jordache, before going on to star in two series of Pushing Daisies. Now back on screen in Hans Rosenfeldt’s British adaptation of Scandi noir Marcella series three is due out this month on ITV.

Friel has made her mark with her iconic stage door style; each evening, she emerges from the theatre dressed to match both its theme and period setting.

Anna Friel’s Biography

Anna Friel first made headlines at age 13 when she landed the role of Beth Jordache on the British soap opera Brookside, lasting two seasons and becoming famous due to her famous kiss with Margaret Clemence being shown pre-9 pm watershed. Since then she has continued her success both nationally and internationally, most recently as detective Marcella Backland on the ITV drama series Marcella.

Friel has not only found fame through her roles in film and television but has also become known for her dramatic theater work. A graduate of Oldham Theater Workshop, Friel has received multiple awards and nominations during her career – such as one Olivier Award nomination – including being honored as one of People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in 2008.

Once she left music behind her, Friel turned her attention more towards acting. She made her film debut in 1999’s adaptation of Stephen Fry’s novel The Sense of an Ending; further movies include The Look of Love and Land of the Lost. Friel has one child with former partner actor David Thewlis; they currently reside together in London.

She has distinguished herself onscreen, earning a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as Chuck’s childhood sweetheart in 2007’s Pushing Daisies. Friel played Ned, a pie maker who could bring dead people back to life if their bodies hadn’t been touched since their death; Friel played Ned’s childhood sweetheart during this unique drama series.

Anna Friel went on to star in both the short-lived Fox series The Jury and NBC thriller The Odyssey, as well as appearing in the BBC production of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya where she played Yelena, Peter Pan’s counterpart. Other film work includes Rogue Trader (with Ewan McGregor); Sunset Strip as Tammy Franklin; R.E.M’s music video The Rhythm Is In the Heart; A Midsummer Night Dream as Hermia with Christian Bale, Dominic West, and Calista Flockhart; A Midsummer Night Dream as Hermia alongside Christian Bale Dominic West Calista Flockhart; Me Without You with Michelle Williams.

Anna Friel’s Acting Career

Every person who’s seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s knows there is something about Anna Friel’s attire that makes her stand out as an actress. From Pucci mini dresses to 1940s fur-trimmed coats, Anna rarely fails to leave London’s Vaudeville Theatre looking their finest every evening.

Pushing Daisies actress, Laura Innes, made an entrance from Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya that suggested she was off on an exciting night on the town. Wearing modern minimalist peg trousers paired with a jumper and fur-trimmed coat she exuded glamour while remaining fierce, showing that she would not allow evildoers to win. Her look was completed by pairing black pumps and a studded purse, leaving curls to fall freely while keeping makeup low-key.

Anna Friel recently made headlines following her four-month run as the mysterious, multiple personality disorder-suffering woman in Adaptation on London’s West End stage, captivating audiences and critics with her performance as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which Audrey Hepburn herself played).

However, despite her impressive portfolio of roles, the actress insists she will not return to the small screen just yet. Her commitments include appearing as a crimefighting detective in Marcella for its second series; an appropriate representation of contemporary UK TV drama where women are increasingly being cast in more natural roles.

Currently filming in London with her husband and fellow actor David Thewlis, actress Olivia Wilde isn’t sure for how long her family will remain there. With scripts taking them either to New Zealand or back to LA in 2019, uprooting Clover Stroud and Charlie so often is becoming tiresome for all involved.

Anna Friel’s Movies

Anna Friel first made waves on British television as Beth Jordache in Brookside and Charlotte “Chuck” Charles on Pushing Daisies; since then she has gone on to win multiple Emmys for her acting. Most recently she appeared in Hans Rosenfeldt’s drama series Marcella.

She has also found success on the big screen, starring in films such as Kiss Me First and indie noir London Boulevard. Other noteworthy films include quirky US ghost comedy Master Cleanse and Bernard Hare-inspired UK movie Urban; in addition, she made an acclaimed West End appearance as Holly Golightly for Breakfast at Tiffany’s adaptation on stage.

Friel has appeared in multiple films and television shows, such as BBC’s Sherlock and ABC’s Nashville. She lent her voice to the animated movie The Girlfriend Experience as well.

As of 2016, she will appear in a film adaptation of Louisa Krause and Carmen Ejogo’s hit Broadway play The Girlfriend Experience for Columbia TriStar Pictures and Amazon Studios respectively. Additionally, she is set to star in their upcoming UK series The Fall for Amazon Studios.

Friel will portray a seductive British actress in this modern take on the classic love story about two people falling for each other. Written and directed by Heidi Greensmith whose debut feature Winter won three awards at New York Film Festival, Friel will reunite with Winter director of photography Joel Devlin as well as composer Dominic Greensmith before filming commences this summer in Britain.

Anna Friel’s TV Shows

Anna Friel first made an impactful television debut at just 13 years old with Brookside, the popular British soap opera which ran from 1993-1995 and saw her portray Beth Jordache – the first openly gay character ever featured on British soap operas. Beth Jordache was later immortalized on ABC’s Pushing Daisies as Charlotte “Chuck” Charles; for which role, Anna earned an international following and received a Golden Globe nomination.

Friel impressed audiences during her decade-long run on The Walking Dead with both her beauty and charm. Female viewers particularly took notice of her seductive sulks and piercing eyes; men, however, found her equally alluring with her blond locks, pert nose, gamine features, and alluring looks. Following this success on both sides of the Atlantic, she has since launched an impressive career starring in both dramas as well as comedy projects on TV or film.

Recently, Friel can be seen playing DS Marcella Backland on ITV’s detective series Marcella. Now in its third season and highly regarded by critics and audiences alike, this role has earned Friel numerous awards and nominations throughout her career.

Other notable TV appearances for her include the US ghost comedy The Cleanse opposite Johnny Galecki and the gritty UK crime drama Urban & Shed Crew. Additionally, she made several stage productions, such as Patrick Marber’s Closer on Broadway or playing Yelena in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya (2012 productions).

Susan Sarandon and Friel will star alongside each other in Monarch, a country music dynasty drama described as a cross between Succession and Nashville. The series revolves around America’s first family of country music with all their scandalous baggage including Dottie Cantrell Roman (Friel), who will do anything she can to protect her legacy. Monarch is written and directed by Melissa London Hilfers while Michael Rauch previously directed Deep Water – his previous work includes this groundbreaking series!


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