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Amy Robach

Amy Robach: Award-Winning Journalist

Amy Robach has become a household name due to her engaging personality and dedication to journalism. Amy Robach’s work as a journalist on ABC News covers an array of subjects. From celebrity gossip to human interest pieces, her reporting always proves informative and captivating.

Page Six was able to catch them canoodling at a charming cottage and taking an Uber ride together, leaving no one fooled that something wasn’t going on between them.

Amy Robach’s Biography

Amy Robach regularly co-hosts Good Morning America on ABC news programs like 20/20 as well as earning numerous awards such as two Edward R. Murrow Awards and a Peabody Award during her distinguished career. Furthermore, she’s engaged in charitable initiatives aimed at raising awareness for specific causes while raising funds.

Robach is happily married. Since 2010, she and Andrew Shue have shared two daughters: Ava and Analise. Together, the two authors co-wrote Better Together – a children’s book inspired by their blended family dynamic – as well as taking an active part in supporting various causes together.

Robach has had the privilege of interviewing numerous influential individuals throughout her journalism career. These have included Hunter Biden; the Turpin sisters for an exclusive live “GMA” interview about their escape from House of Horror; former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding COVID-19 issues; and Gretchen Carlson discussing sexual harassment at work for her debut network interview.

She has provided sports coverage at numerous Olympic games. She reported from Tokyo during the 2020 Summer Olympics, while anchoring ABC’s coverage of Pyeongchang, South Korea during 2018. In addition, she contributed to election night coverage in 2016 and presidential inauguration coverage in 2017.

Amy Robach enjoys engaging in various recreational activities in her free time, such as hiking and playing French horn. Additionally, she’s an accomplished runner, having completed several marathons such as the 2022 New York City Marathon. Robach can often be found active on social media; frequently sharing posts of herself alongside co-hosts and family as well as friends/fans/coworkers etc; she currently boasts seven piercings but no tattoos; plays piano & guitar left-handed & has an affinity for music!

Amy Robach’s Net Worth

Amy Robach has amassed significant wealth during her career in television reporting and news anchoring. Currently co-hosting 20/20 and serving as breaking news anchor and fill-in anchor on Good Morning America; prior positions held include national correspondent for NBC News; co-host of Today on Saturdays on NBC; anchor on MSNBC; as well as co-host of Good Morning America with Katie Couric as host; breaking news anchor/fill-in anchor at CNN Worldfeed etc.

Though her professional career got off to a bumpy start after the hot mic incident, she has managed to significantly build up her net worth since. Aside from an impressive salary and endorsement agreements that have contributed significantly to this wealth.

Hollywood has recently been abuzz with speculation of an ongoing romance between Robach and former GMA co-anchor T.J. Holmes. Although neither party has commented directly on their rumored romance, they have been seen together multiple times.

Michigan native Elizabeth Starkey began her television journalism career in 1995, first with Charleston South Carolina-based WCBD then Washington D.C.-based WTTG until joining MSNBC in 2003 where she filled in for programs such as Weekend Today, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Morning Joe as well as covering major events like 9/11 attacks and confrontations in Iraq as well as various travel assignments such as safari in Africa and official Oscars pre-show coverage.

In 2013, she experienced the shock of her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer following a live mammogram she underwent during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Good Morning America. Following surgery and chemotherapy treatment, which were documented on Good Morning America as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

At present, she lives in New York City with her husband Andrew Shue – star of the TV show Melrose Place – and their daughters Ava and Analise. Additionally, the couple owns a luxurious apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where they raise both daughters. Involved with charitable work they contribute funds to various causes including Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center as well as local elementary schools by holding fundraisers.

Amy Robach’s Career

Amy Robach is an award-winning journalist renowned for her broad coverage. She is best known for breaking news stories and interviewing politicians and celebrities. Additionally, she maintains a robust social media presence through which she connects with fans and followers on these platforms.

Amy has an undying passion for journalism and strives to present it honestly and openly. Her in-depth reporting has shed light on important issues while prompting positive change – she serves as an inspirational figure for budding journalists as well as striving to inform viewers with her story-telling skills.

She has traveled across the globe for her reporting assignments, covering everything from natural disasters and political uprisings to international sports events like the Olympics and Super Bowl, along with interviewing high-profile athletes and personalities.

Amy is an outspoken advocate for gender equality, supporting numerous organizations dedicated to women’s issues. Additionally, Amy has presented at various conferences and events, sharing her experiences and insights with audiences. Amy takes great pride in her career; continuously looking for new challenges to hone it further.

Even with her busy schedule, she still finds time for exercise and healthy living, regularly sharing workout routines and tips with fans on social media. Additionally, she participates in charitable efforts geared toward education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation through organizations she has supported.

Amy Robach made headlines in 2013 when she revealed her breast cancer diagnosis. Following surgery for both lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures, she wrote an intimate memoir documenting her journey and is now an advocate for early detection of cancer.

Amy Robach has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, such as Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and Camille Preaker from Sharp Objects. Additionally, she is well known for her philanthropic endeavors having contributed to various documentaries as well as having amassed an admirable fan following for her passion and dedication to her profession.

Amy Robach’s Personal Life

Good Morning America host and 20/20 correspondent, Greta Van Susteren has long been known for her commitment to family. After divorcing Tim McIntosh two years prior, she married Andrew Shue (who played Andrew Shue on Melrose Place). Since their marriage, they have shared two daughters as well as Shue has three sons from his previous relationship with Jennifer Hageney; Nate, Aidan, and Wyatt belong to both families.

Robach has become an outspoken breast cancer activist, frequently appearing in public to spread awareness of a condition that first hit her in 2013. She shared openly about her experience and ultimately underwent a double mastectomy in early 2014 following an on-air mammogram she received at that time. In addition, she advocates for various national and international causes including hunger awareness in America.

Robach has reported on an array of topics throughout her career as a news reporter. She covered the California couple accused of perpetrating a Gone Girl abduction hoax and was the first journalist to interview Leanna Taylor after her ex-husband was charged with leaving their toddler unattended in a hot car. Robach also did extensive work covering the University of Virginia campus rape case as well as appearing in multiple specials for the ABC 20/20 series.

Erin is known for her sharp sense of humor and often contributes to the show’s social media accounts. Even with a busy schedule, she always finds time for her children and is known as an invaluable friend to many.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes first caused waves when, in November 2022, The Daily Mail published PDA photos showing them engaging in intimate moments together at various outings ranging from getting drinks at an NYC bar to loading up their car at a cottage upstate. Although Robach and Holmes continued appearing together on The Show together after these rumors surfaced, both removed all photos of each other from their respective Instagrams as soon as the speculation surfaced.

ABC announced shortly after the coworkers’ romance was made public that Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan would take over Robach and Holmes’ third hour on GMA, as Holmes decided to focus on his legal career instead of appearing daily on GMA. This development came following Robach’s decision to step away from GMA due to scheduling conflicts.


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