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Amita Suman

Amita Suman: Nepali-British Actress

Amita Suman plays Inej Ghafa on Netflix’s new series Shadow and Bone. The Nepalese-born English actress previously became known for her work on The Outpost for The CW.

She was born July 19 1997 to a Bhojpuri family in Delhi and moved to Brighton as a seven-year-old, becoming Nepali-British and practicing Hinduism as her religion.

Amita Suman’s Biography

Amita Suman, originally of Nepalese descent, has made her mark in the British television and film industries since making her debut. She is best known for her role as Inej Ghafa on Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series as an acrobatic knife-wielding Spy of Dregs; alongside lead Jessie Mei Li she brings Leigh Bardugo’s popular YA trilogy to life on screen.

Born 19 July 1997 to a Bhojpuri-speaking family in Bhedihari (part of Kalikamai Rural Municipality, Parsa District), Nepal. She completed early schooling at local high schools both in Nepal and Brighton before advancing her education at Sussex Downs College and the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in East Sussex.

Madan Suman was a businessman while his wife Gita worked in the home as a housewife. Suman always aspired to become an actor, with both her parents fully supporting and encouraging her in that pursuit.

Suman began her acting career with a guest appearance on an episode of BBC One medical drama Casualty in 2018. Since then, she has gone on to portray Sameera in Ackley Bridge; Naya in The Outpost; and Inej Ghafa in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series.

Suman has an affinity for art that extends far beyond her acting career. Visual stimulation is essential in her creative process as an actor. Her interests span contemporary, impressionism, and mixed media pieces as well as street art; in fact, she often visits galleries and museums during her free time.

Suman maintains an active social media presence, regularly sharing pictures with her fans and followers on her accounts such as Instagram. Her Instagram has amassed over half a million followers to date; Suman continues to use this medium to connect with fans and build support networks around her work.

Amita Suman’s Personal Life

She harbors a passion for becoming one of the Bollywood film industry’s renowned actresses. She began acting professionally with an appearance in the Ackley Bridge television series before going on to appear in various other TV shows including Naya from The Outpost which helped garner considerable media coverage as well as Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

Amita Suman was born and raised in Nepal’s villages before moving with her family to England at seven years old, speaking the Bhojpuri language and attending schools both there and in Brighton for early education. As a Hindu by faith, Amita completed her early schooling before attending Brighton schools for higher learning.

When asked what she most enjoyed about acting, she answered that she cherished the connection between herself and her characters, learning about different cultures from around the world, and following a strict workout routine. She is currently dating Johnny Thackway who is both a model and trainer.

She takes great pleasure in reading books and watching films regularly, believing they can help her develop as an actor. With an upbeat outlook and positive outlook, she always aims to give each project she works on her best effort.

Amita has an offbeat sense of humor. She likes to make fun of herself and her friends and is not shy about making jokes at their expense. Additionally, Amita is known to criticize co-stars from time to time on social media platforms such as Instagram. Amita maintains an active social media presence by regularly uploading pictures to her account via this platform.

Amita Suman is an incredible actress with incredible talent who will remain at the center of attention for some time to come. Her role choices and acting talent continue to dominate the acting world, inspiring many young girls. Amita will only continue her success into the future!

Amita Suman’s Career

Born into a well-off Bhojpuri family from Bhedihari, Narayani in Nepal, and moving with her family to Brighton when she was seven, Amita Suman became a highly acclaimed Nepali-British actress who quickly rose through the entertainment ranks. Amita studied acting with local high schools both in Nepal and Brighton before enrolling at East Sussex Downs College to continue her studies and receive training through the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

As an actress, she is best known for her portrayal of Inej Ghafa on the Netflix series Shadow and Bone and also featured prominently in the CW show The Outpost as Inej. These roles earned her a massive fan following; Inej is a spy from nomadic Suli people with a quiet demeanor yet studied moral ruthlessness; making her one of the most compelling characters within Grishaverse.

Not only is she an accomplished actor, but she is also a dedicated humanitarian working with UNICEF to assist children requiring education. Additionally, she’s an avid art collector who adores visiting museums; recently visited Paris’ Musee d’Orsay where she was dazzled by paintings by artists like Odilon Redon.

She boasts a net worth of $2 Million. Her primary source of income comes from acting, as her main source of income. She’s known for being a hard-working actress that never gives up on their dreams and remains inspirational to many young women. Currently working on a new project that should come out shortly as well as being interested in photography and painting as hobbies along with animal-loving lifestyle choices that keep her healthy; foodie who shares photos on Instagram to over a hundred thousand followers of social media platform accounts such as Instagram; she currently holds over 600K followers on Instagram alone!

Amita Suman’s Net Worth

Amita Suman is an esteemed British Nepali actress known for her roles as Inej Ghafa on Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series and for recurring appearances in Ackley Bridge and The Outpost, earning widespread critical acclaim. Additionally, Suman is an accomplished dancer, having performed contemporary and jazz styles alike.

Suman was born in Gorkhali, Nepal to parents of Bhojpuri origin – Madan and Gita Suman are her parents while she has an older sister with whom her identity remains confidential. After moving to Brighton at seven years old, Suman studied at Sussex Downs College and the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

After becoming recognized in small roles in television series and movies, she went on to larger projects and has amassed quite a following on Instagram. Suman is not only an accomplished actress but is also a gifted dancer and has participated in charity dance events; furthermore, she actively advocates for women’s rights as well as being active within LGBT circles.

Suman has an estimated net worth of approximately $2,000,000. Her salary and other earnings remain unknown, and no brand endorsements have been done as of yet. Suman is known for being a dedicated and hardworking actress, making a mark of impactful contributions. Furthermore, she remains very private – no public scandals are aimed her way.

Amita Suman’s Relationship

Amita and Johnny Thackway, fitness trainer and model respectively, have been in a relationship for some time and remain extremely close. Although their personal lives remain out of the public eye, Amita and Johnny do not publicize their relationship status publicly.

Amita Suman’s Body Measurements

Amita is an extremely beautiful woman with lean features and lovely facial features. She boasts brown eyes and black hair; her skin tone is medium. At 5ft 5 inches and 53 kg, she stands 5 feet 5 inches; with long curly locks she often sports designer clothing as she is an avid fashionista.


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