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Alycia Baumgardne

Alycia Baumgardner: American Professional Boxer

Alycia Baumgardner is currently the reigning world champion at 130 pounds, boasting 14 victories with only one loss. Most recently she defeated Elhem Mekhaled via unanimous decision in New York City.

Women’s boxing saw a historic night. Amanda Serrano earned the unified WBA, IBF, and WBO female super featherweight titles after defeating Erika Cruz in a co-main event bout.

Alycia Baumgardner’s Biography

Alycia Baumgardner hails from Fremont, Michigan, and was given the Life Path Number 7. She began boxing at age five, training with Fremont Wreckers, Glass City Boxing, and MuckCity Boxing of Toledo Ohio. Competing 165 amateur bouts as an amateur champion while making it to the USA Women’s Golden Gloves final in 2014 (losing out to Megan Karcher). As soon as this happened she decided to turn pro.

Baumgardner was on the verge of becoming a unified female super featherweight champion when her career was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although setbacks occurred, Baumgardner continued believing and training hard.

She then signed with Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Boxing and went to Norway to train under undisputed welterweight champion Cecilia Braekhus, ultimately going 7-1 before suffering an agonizing split decision loss to Christina Linardatou in July 2018. Her dedication paid off, as she won seven straight fights before suffering her only split decision loss against Christina Linardatou in July 2018.

Baumgardner made an immediate comeback and quickly claimed her first major championship by knocking out former WBC junior lightweight champion Terri Harper in November 2021. Since then, she has successfully defended it three times and also claimed WBA, IBF, and WBO female super featherweight titles with her victory against German world champion Mikaela Lauren in October 2022.

Baumgardner successfully defended her WBA title against France’s Elhem Mekhaled in February 2023 and will look to extend that winning streak when facing Linardatou again for unification on July 15 at Detroit Masonic Temple.

Alycia Baumgardner has led an incredible life and serves as an inspiring role model to young people everywhere. Her life demonstrates how hard work and perseverance can lead to great success across many fields, while she maintains an optimistic and upbeat approach to every challenge that comes her way. Alycia hopes that one day she may become an example for young girls so they may continue following their dreams regardless of any obstacles that might lie in their way.

Alycia Baumgardner’s Career

Toledo has become one of the most vibrant cities in Ohio despite its challenges, with an excellent food scene and ample opportunities to shop. There are also museums and events happening all around town; even historic buildings that were part of the Underground Railroad can be found here!

Alycia Baumgardner holds both WBC and IBO female super featherweight titles and has won 14 out of 15 professional fights so far, losing only narrowly against Christina Linardatou last time out. A total of 76 rounds have been fought so far; her average fight length is 5.1.1 rounds per bout.

After experiencing some initial difficulty, Baumgardner sought out new coaching and began to progress again. Her confidence increased significantly as she faced more formidable opponents – such as Terri Harper in 2021 when her fourth-round knockout brought instant fame and was her greatest performance to date.

But Baumgardner’s joy was short-lived. Barely two weeks after she won her championship title, her grandmother Moricha died of COVID-19 – one of Baumgardner’s main supporters throughout her career and deeply bereaved at her passing.

Baumgardner not only boasts outstanding ring skills but is also equipped with a keen business mind and a grounded approach to life. She’s deeply committed to her hometown of Toledo and seeks ways to give back. As part of this endeavor, she serves on various committees in Toledo such as Finance Debt & Budget Oversight Committee.

She prides herself on her hard work ethic and strives to become the best version of herself. Her dedication has paid off, and she hopes that winning continues.

But she emphasizes the need to remember that no town is perfect, even Toledo. While she and Kevan love being residents here, it is still necessary to search for ways to improve it further. They take great pride in calling Toledo their home, having seen its transformation since moving here from New York City.

Alycia Baumgardner‘s Personal Life

Baumgardner’s move from Fremont to Detroit proved pivotal in her career. By seizing upon Marshall Kaufmann’s King’s Promotions opportunity, she has become one of the sport’s premier female fighters pound-for-pound.

Since her loss to Christina Linardatou in 2018, Fremont, Ohio’s 28-year-old Emily Good has won eight consecutive bouts and now holds both WBC and Ring women’s super-featherweight championships – becoming one of only four female fighters with all major world titles in her weight class – making her an attractive candidate to face Katie Taylor this year in a unification fight at Madison Square Garden.

Baumgardner achieved success despite her challenges. After winning the WBC title, she was diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly thereafter; unfortunately, Moricha passed away from this illness the following year. But Baumgardner never wavered from her dream and still fights passionately today.

Baumgardner will defend her title against Christina Linardatou for the first time this Saturday at the Masonic Temple Detroit, Michigan – it will be broadcast live on DAZN and this will mark her second fight of 2019. In February she defeated Elhem Mekhaled at Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden to become an undisputed champion.

Baumgardner will be returning home after training under Tony Harrison in Detroit; she spent her early childhood years living with family. Baumgardner hopes to serve as an example for young girls looking up to her and is inspired by her grandmother; firmly believing she can overcome any hurdles or difficulties life throws her way.

Alycia Baumgardner made her professional debut in March 2017 and has won all 14 fights as a professional. She has knocked out seven opponents, and gone the distance in four fights; currently holding titles from both WBC and Ring for female super-featherweight competition, including wins over Mikaela Mayer, Terri Harper, and most recently Elhem Mekhaled.


Alycia Baumgardner stands out among women in boxing as one of its most impressive talents. A four-time world champion who has won over 20 fights throughout her career, Baumgardner remains humble and dedicated to her craft despite her success. Drawing inspiration from both family members and hard work alone, her achievements have led her to become an inspirational role model for other female boxers; Numero magazine even featured her! Furthermore, Alycia remains immensely popular in her hometown of Detroit where fans love watching her fight!

Baumgardner first began boxing at five, training alongside boys at a community gym. Overcoming many obstacles in her life–from single motherhood and suffering traumatic brain injuries to fighting crime as a single parent–Baumgardner has persevered through it all while remaining committed and dedicated to her sport.

As an amateur, Baumgardner trained for multiple-day tournaments for at least a month before each weigh-in day; now as a professional fighter she trains two or three months in advance for each fight; quite different from when she trained for multiple fights at once as an amateur.

After Salaam’s death, Baumgardner continued training and pushing herself in the ring despite difficulties finding new training partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, she found Harrison, who took over her training sessions. Together they worked towards building up Baumgardner’s strength and confidence within the ring.

Baumgardner defeated Terri Harper for the WBC world title in Sheffield via fourth-round TKO and became a unified champion, having successfully defended it seven times since.

Baumgardner hopes to become a two-time undisputed world champion soon when she meets Elhem Mekhaled for the unification of IBF, WBO, and The Ring world titles at super featherweight in February 2023 at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater. Baumgardner has an excellent chance at succeeding, given her impressive record against opponents and fearlessness as a fighter.


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