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Alison Brie

Alison Brie: American Actress

Alison Brie has played many different roles throughout her career. From comedy Glow and Mad Men to Netflix show Bojack Horseman and even voice work for the animated film The Lego Movie! Alison Brie has an extensive resume. She can be found starring as Princess Unikitty from Glow.

Dave Franco and Alison Brie bring their charming performances to this romantic comedy, creating an entertaining picture that celebrates love while exploring its ups and downs.

Alison Brie’s Biography

Alison Brie Schermerhorn was born December 29th, 1982 in Los Angeles to Joanne (nee Brenner) and Charles Terry Schermerhorn. She attended South Pasadena High School before enrolling at the California Institute of the Arts to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in acting.

Brie has established her name in several notable TV series as an actress. Her initial fame came through her role as Annie Edison on the NBC/Yahoo! sitcom Community which ran from 2009-2015. Additionally, Brie appeared in the short-lived comedy My Alibi as well as Mad Men where her portrayal of Trudy Campbell- the wife of junior executive Pete Campbell played by Jon Hamm – earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination.

Brie also made her mark in animation through BoJack Horseman on Netflix from 2014-20, where she voiced Diane Nguyen. Additionally, Brie can be found appearing in films such as Scream 4 (2011), The Five-Year Engagement (2012), and Get Hard (2015).

She has a deep-seated passion for theater and has performed in multiple stage productions, singing and freestyle rapping while being passionate about cooking and fashion. Additionally, she has written and directed her theater plays.

Brie is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and has openly discussed being bisexual. Additionally, she enjoys streaking and has identified herself as a nudist.

Dave Franco and Sheila began dating in 2011, eventually marrying in 2017. Together they have collaborated on numerous projects such as The Disaster Artist, The Rental, and The Little Hours; she co-starred alongside him and Jason Sudeikis/Will Ferrell in Get Hard. Recently she played a reluctant nun in The Little Hours set in a 14th-century Italian convent; additionally, they serve as executive producers on TV Land’s Teachers series.

Alison Brie’s Filmography

Alison Brie has proven herself an accomplished actress in multiple genres of film, from comedies and thrillers to period pieces and wrestling dramas such as the Emmy-nominated wrestling drama GLOW on Netflix. Alison’s versatile performances have won her numerous award nominations over time, giving her a strong showcase for portraying characters who can both goof off and deliver poignant insights – she has even garnered her an Emmy nomination!

Brie began her career on stage, playing various roles in numerous productions before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in theater from the California Institute of the Arts. Following this, she appeared in various television productions before making headlines as the lead character on Community. For this performance, she received nominations for both Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics’ Choice Television Awards nominations; later going on to star as Trudy Campbell in AMC period drama Mad Men where her work received further critical acclaim.

Alison has appeared in both comedies and thrillers. She has worked alongside some of the top talent, such as Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Carrie Mulligan; as well as being featured as the female lead in a romantic comedy with a twist “The Five-Year Engagement”. Additionally, she voices Princess Unikitty for the 2014 animated hit The Lego Movie sequels.

Brie stars as Michelle in The Rental, a horror film in which four friends rent a vacation home for a weekend retreat. Michelle remains blissfully unaware of her husband’s infidelity until a series of horrific events turn the trip into a nightmare – Brie’s performance as Michelle showcases her impressive acting range.

Alison Brie was memorable as Cassie in Promising Young Woman, an Academy Award-winning drama about sexual violence that examines its aftermath while exploring the hypocrisy of people who blame the victim. Although Brie only appeared briefly, her brief presence made an impactful statement about feminism and inequality in America.

Alison Brie’s Personal Life

Alison Brie, an award-winning American actress, is highly esteemed. She has made an impressionable mark as an activist and advocate for feminist; garnering a massive following on social media; she’s considered among Hollywood’s finest actors with an estimated net worth estimated at $15 Million.

Brie began acting at an early age, performing onstage and in theater. Later she studied acting at California Institute of the Arts where she graduated in 2005. Since then she has appeared as a guest star on Hannah Montana and Community television series as well as making waves as Trudy Campbell from AMC period drama Mad Men; moreover, her recurring role as Annie Edison on the NBC sitcom Community as well as her portrayal of Ruth Wilder in Netflix comedy-drama GLOW increased her visibility further, garnering multiple award nominations along the way.

Brie is also an accomplished writer and producer, having co-written and starred in Raspberry Magic (2010) which won numerous film festival awards. Additionally, she serves as executive producer on several film and TV projects while contributing to her comedy Twitter feed known as The Brie Show which features celebrity interviews as well as comical skits.

Brie first met actor Dave Franco at a Mardi Gras party and the two began dating shortly thereafter. They became engaged in 2015 and married two years later in a private ceremony. Now living in Los Angeles together and enjoying traveling together, this couple does not plan to have children but instead focus on their careers – working on BoJack Horseman together where she plays Diane Nguyen; known for their amazing on and off-screen chemistry together as well as their close bond as friends; relaxing together watching television at home during free time is also something they enjoy doing together in their free time together!

Alison Brie’s Career

Alison Brie began her acting career by performing at the Jewish Community Center in South Pasadena. Later she completed a bachelor’s degree in theater from the California Institute of the Arts before studying abroad at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama for one semester as part of her academic program. Since then she has appeared on multiple successful TV series and movie productions as both an actress in dramas as well as comedies.

As soon as Brie made her mark as a betrayed suburban wife of a 1960s advertising executive on Mad Men, she quickly found work in both comedic and dramatic projects. From Annie Edison on Community to her portrayal as the betrayed daughter of an actual professional wrestler in GLOW, Brie quickly cemented herself as one of today’s premier actresses.

Brie has also voiced Diane Nguyen on the animated series BoJack Horseman and played Wonder Woman in film. Other notable roles include female lead in Sleeping with Other People and Lucy Sherrington from No Stranger Than Love; as well as written/producing movies Horse Girl, Happiest Season, and an upcoming Netflix horror-thriller Spin Me Round.

She proved her mettle as a dramatic actor by co-starring with Steven Spielberg in The Post, which grossed an astounding $180 million worldwide. Recognized for both comedic and dramatic performances alike, the actress continues to expand her career while hoping to explore all corners of the entertainment industry.

Brie excels at both comedy and drama acting, but her greatest strength lies in comedy. She’s an adept on-screen presence who effortlessly makes viewers laugh or cry while on-screen; Brie’s willingness to take risks with her work has earned her many fans; for example, as an avid nudist and streaker herself, Brie was put to good use in Somebody I Used To Know movie as well.


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