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Alejandra Guilmant

Alejandra Guilmant – Modeling and Acting Life

Alejandra Guilmant, a famous Mexican model with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million, earned this wealth through professional modeling work.

Paragon Mexico, Oui Management in Paris, Storm Management in London, and MODELWERK in Hamburg all represent her internationally. Additionally, Elle Mexico and Vogue Mexico magazines have featured her. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her pet dog.

As much as she’s made a name for herself through modeling work Alejandra Guilmant also tackled film projects with excellence. In productions like “The Legend of Ugly King” (2017) or “A Beautiful Day” (2018), she showcased an impressive capacity to excel outside conventional fashion spaces.

With striking features that capture eyes effortlessly and an infectious charisma that draws people close alongside an accomplished stature enduring across modeling & acting alike, Alejandra Guilmant’s role within the entertainment and fashion industries cannot be overstated.

Alejandra Guilmant’s Biography

Alejandra Guilmant, an exquisite Mexican model who has appeared in various magazines and social media platforms like Vogue Mexico and Maxim Mexico as well as Esquire is professionally represented through Paragon Mexico Oui Management in Paris Storm Management London MODELWERK Hamburg representing herself internationally through these agencies and has even graced Vogue Mexico Maxim Mexico Esquire publications among many more! She currently represents herself internationally with Paragon Mexico Oui Management Paris Storm Management London MODELWERK Hamburg representing herself internationally

Model and actress Marisol Diaz-Marin is well-known for her natural curves and hourglass figure, making her an attractive and exotic model. With tall and slim features like tall legs and thin hips, her attractiveness as a model stands out even further. Additionally, she is an accomplished actress having appeared in several movies such as A La Mala, Likeness, and Compadres as well as having over 300k followers across social media accounts.

Her parents are very encouraging of her dreams and let her follow them; both doctors, she is an accomplished cook who enjoys spending her free time baking or cooking in her free time. Additionally, music has always been a passion of hers and she has performed at numerous concerts as a pianist as well as being an exceptional dancer.

No matter her busy schedule, she makes time to regularly post updates about herself on her social media profiles. With such a large fan base and excitement surrounding each tweet regarding a possible romantic encounter or two from her, many fans remain eagerly awaiting updates about what is next for this iconic icon. But as much as people might like knowing more about what’s going on behind the scenes of her personal life… she prefers keeping that part of it hidden!

Alejandra Guilmant’s Personal Life

Alejandra Guilmant is an esteemed Mexican model and actress, as well as an active social media personality with thousands of Instagram followers. She has appeared at several fashion events and photoshoots. Represented by international modeling agencies including Paragon Mexico, Oui Management in Paris, Storm Management London, and MODELWERK Hamburg she has graced luxury brand runways while appearing in magazines such as Elle Mexico Vogue Mexico Playboy among many more.

While she has become one of the world’s best-known models and actresses, very little information exists on her personal life. She hasn’t disclosed much information regarding her relationship status or past relationships; nonetheless, it seems she is content in her current relationship and has shown no desire to date anyone else.

She loves water activities like scuba diving and pet petting in her free time. Additionally, she’s an animal advocate and owns a pet dog of her own. Travel is her passion; often sharing photographs from her adventures via social media accounts.

She made her acting debut with the short film Likeness in 2013, going on to play Pamela in A la Mala (2015) and Valeria in Narcos: Mexico (2021). Additionally, she has appeared in several other films and short films.

Alejandra Guilmant’s Height

This gorgeous model is widely known for her hot seductive body. She stands tall at 176 cm and weighs about 126 pounds, boasting a slim and hourglass figure with curves. She frequently showcases it on social media platforms. With light brown hair and captivating brown eyes complemented by an aesthetic mole on her left cheek, her beauty stands out.

Alejandra Guilmant was born in 1993 under the sign of Taurus. Her life path number is 1, and she is known to be purposeful and goal-driven, working hard towards realizing her ambitions with dedication and perseverance. These characteristics have allowed her to thrive within the modeling industry as a professional model.

Paragon Model Management in Mexico, Oui Management in Paris, Storm Management in London, and Photogenics in Los Angeles represent her models. Furthermore, they’ve recently welcomed her on board the global brand Rip Curl!

Neben modeling, she has also dabbled in acting. She can be seen in both TV series “Here on Earth” and Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico as well as films such as Compadres and Likeness.

Her Instagram page is filled with stunning photographs of her body in bikinis and swimsuits; fans adore her work immensely and appreciate it greatly; she boasts an enormous following from all around the globe.

Although she is well-known, she has kept many aspects of her private life private – most notably her romantic life which remains unknown to the general public. According to numerology charts, 2018 represents her Year 4, the initial bottoming phase in a 9-year cycle; therefore it provides her with the ideal opportunity to rest and strengthen her inner power.

Alejandra Guilmant’s Weight

Alejandra Guilmant has made quite an impression name for herself in the modeling industry. With a stunning hourglass figure that she flaunts in her photos, this exotic beauty stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 56 kg.

She is well known as both an actress and model; as well as appearing in music videos. Additionally, she is the face of several brands like Zac Posen, All Saints, Paco Rabanne, and Levis and has become a well-known fashion blogger as well as modeling for numerous high-profile magazines like Maxim Mexico, Not Safe For Fashion, and Elle Mexico.

She possesses an optimistic and straightforward disposition. She works hard towards reaching her goals in life and her life path number 1, indicates this as well. She strives to reach the top of her game.

She spends her free time swimming and scuba diving. A keen admirer of nature, she also takes great pleasure in photographing its wonders – her Instagram photos have captured many hearts of admirers.

David Bellemere captured images of this stunning model for Treats! magazine in 2017 where they could see her nude boobs and pussyfoot showing in full view.

Alejandra maintains an active social media presence, boasting over 283k followers on Instagram alone. She’s best known for her work on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico series as Daniela Guzman-El Chapo’s wife; this portrayal based on the true events of Guadalajara Cartel is highly accurate.

Alejandra Guilmant’s Body Measurements

Alejandra Guilmant is an established model known for her hourglass figure and love of showing off her body curves. The exotic beauty is signed with several modeling agencies such as METRO Models, Modelwerk, and Photogenics LA; her exotic background includes French, Swedish, and Spanish roots; she graduated high school aged 18 before beginning a modeling career that saw her work with Zac Posen, All Saints Levis Paco Rabanne L’Oreal among many other fashion brands and was even featured on Playboy magazine’s six-anniversary issue alongside Kate Moss!

She can be seen playing Daniela on Netflix series Narcos Mexico, represented by METRO, and living between Los Angeles and New York.

Alejandra enjoys water activities and regularly participates in scuba diving and nature photography. Additionally, she’s fond of pets – she owns two black labradors! Alejandra describes herself as being fun-loving yet loyal with four workout sessions per week as well as following Christian principles through yoga practice and practicing Yoga.


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