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Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry: America’s Next Top Model First Winner

Adrianne Curry is an American fashion model best known for winning America’s Next Top Model season 1. Currently, she resides in Montana with her husband Matthew Rhode.

Adrianne Curry’s Biography

Adrianne Curry was the winner of America’s Next Top Model’s inaugural cycle in 2003 and went on to model for several clothing companies and walk in several runway shows. Additionally, she performed several acting gigs and appeared in television programs such as Half & Half and Jack Rio.

Adrianne Curry hails from Joliet, Illinois, with roots spanning Indian, African, and French heritage. After attending Joliet West High School until she dropped out at 17, to pursue modeling full time instead of working a waitress job to pay the bills and supplement income through modeling work; her big break came when she was selected for America’s Next Top Model reality TV series.

The show put her on the map, and she soon became a regular in her field. Along with appearing regularly on it, she also became an accomplished model – appearing in magazines such as Spanish Marie Claire and Playboy while modeling herself for several reality TV programs and guest-starring on others.

Curry eventually tired of Hollywood and wanted a simpler lifestyle. To achieve this goal, she left Hollywood and relocated to Whitefish, Montana where she now works as an Avon representative and offers makeup and fashion tutorials online.

She also enjoys cosplaying and video gaming, appearing as The Tester on PlayStation Network between November and December 2010, returning for its third series that premiered on February 7, 2012. In addition, she provided live coverage for Direct TV during Blizzcon 2011 as well as hosting E3 for Namco Bandai both times around (2011-13).

Curry has been married twice. Her first marriage was with Christopher Knight, which ended in 2013. Later she married voice actor and cosplayer Matthew Rhode, celebrating their wedding with an elaborate Game of Thrones-themed ceremony and living together in Montana near Glacier National Park where they are expecting their baby this spring. It may have been an uphill journey, but Curry appears content now that her journey has led her there.

Adrianne Curry’s Personal Life

Adrianne Curry has led an eventful life. From making headlines to doing things most people would never dream of, Adrianne has had many ups and downs in her personal life – until finding Matthew Rhode, with whom she now shares an idyllic lifestyle in Montana.

Curry is best known as an actress and TV personality for her work on America’s Next Top Model; in its inaugural cycle, she became its first winner. Additionally, she has appeared on a variety of other shows as a judge or contestant.

Adrianne is also an author, having written the book “Adrianne’s A-OK!” about her experiences in fashion modeling. This work received favorable reviews from critics, making for a worthwhile read for anyone curious about modeling as a profession.

No longer a frequent figure on the celebrity scene, she now lives a quiet rural life with Matthew Rhode and is much happier now that she no longer participates in entertainment industries; together they sell Avon products while she writes tutorials on makeup application techniques.

They met on the set of the TV show “The Surreal Life.” This show was an unusual blend of reality and comedy television that featured celebrity guests such as Marcus Schenkenberg, Da Brat, Chyna, and Verne Troyer. Marcus Schenkenberg proposed and they became infatuated quickly – becoming in love after finishing shooting, they began dating after finishing filming, married in 2008 with one child born later that year, and separated again in 2013 before reconciling again in 2016 for a “Game of Thrones” -a themed wedding that year – although neither has had children yet! However, they still appear close with both families and friends as well.

Adrianne Curry’s Relationships

After winning America’s Next Top Model’s inaugural cycle, Curry quickly established herself as a reality television presence. She has appeared in My Fair Brady and The Surreal Life among many others; additionally, she has graced numerous magazines’ covers including Maxim.

However, the former fashion model seems to have left behind her glamorous lifestyle for a more straightforward living in Montana, running a lifestyle blog, and being married to film trailer voice actor Matthew Rhode.

The couple is not shy to show their affection via social media, often sharing pictures on various platforms such as TwitchCon where both participated in various gaming events together. Furthermore, the pair share a home and frequently appear on each other’s streams playing video games.

Adrianne is both a wife and mother, as well as a passionate runner. She has competed in multiple marathons and strives to find new ways to challenge herself; even competing in an Ironman Triathlon was among her accomplishments – something Adrianne believes to be amongst one of her toughest feats yet!

Adrianne makes time for both her friends and family despite her busy lifestyle. She has a large circle of close pals with whom she spends her free time, such as going out for dinner or shopping at local boutiques, or visiting the beach together.

Adrianne decided not to rush into another relationship after her recent split, opting instead to let her heart recover before entering another one. After finding true love and taking time for healing, Adrianne married her spouse on September 15, 2018. They held their intimate ceremony in Glacier National Park in Montana with no guests present to save money and time on planning expenses.

Though it might have seemed strange for Christopher Knight, best known for his role as James Brady on The Brady Bunch, to marry her after such an abrupt rise from poverty, they were truly happy together. Their unique relationship was even featured on VH1’s My Fair Brady where Knight proposed on its season finale!

Adrianne Curry’s Career

Adrianne Curry rose to prominence after winning America’s Next Top Model as one of its original winners. She posed nude for Playboy magazine and appeared in various television programs; additionally, she made voiceover appearances. Adrianne also participated in cosplay and gaming activities.

Once she won, she signed with Wilhelmina Models and launched her modeling career, participating in runway shows, photo shoots, and advertising campaigns – not to mention acting roles in several films!

Television work includes guest appearances on Rock Me Baby and Ballbreakers as well as playing a role in VH1’s celebrity science fiction reality series Celebrity Paranormal Project. She hosted Gamer’s Gone Wild for Direct TV, as well as E3, live from Namco Bandai during 2011 and 2012.

Despite a difficult beginning, she has managed to carve herself a place for herself in the entertainment industry as a fashion model, talented actress, wife, and mother.

After her marriage with Christopher Knight ended in 2013, she quietly relocated to Montana where she now sells Avon makeup products. She claims she finds greater happiness in helping people find budget-conscious beauty solutions than in entertainment.

Former American Next Model star Kristy has an ongoing lifestyle blog called My Life Post-Hollywood that she uses to document her journey away from Hollywood and toward rural living with her husband Matthew Rhodes. She notes that she has many close connections in Montana and doesn’t feel any pressure to become more famous outside. Additionally, she is an active philanthropist, making donations to various causes; one being breast cancer awareness by giving to the American Cancer Society. She also donates to numerous animal-related charities and makes public statements stating her personal opinions – such as believing women should be free to choose how they dress. Furthermore, she has become an ardent proponent of anti-bullying efforts.


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