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Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu: Fashion Model and Actress

Adriana Karembeu held the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs among fashion supermodels. She was discovered while studying medicine in Prague when she entered and won a modeling contest.

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Adriana Karembeu’s Biography

Adriana Karembeu is a well-known fashion model and actress, featured on many major magazine covers and listed once in Guinness World Record as having the longest legs among female supermodels. In addition to this achievement, Adriana has also become a successful businesswoman who has launched her own line of beauty products as well as appearing in multiple movies and presenting the popular show ‘Top Models’.

Born and raised in Brezno, Slovakia, she first entered modeling while attending medical school in Prague. After entering and winning a local modeling contest, her modeling career took off quickly: Wonderbra hired her as one of its models in their campaign and Victoria’s Secret in America hired her as well.

Karembeu has distinguished herself beyond modeling with both musical talent and song writing abilities, appearing in multiple shows on television such as hosting Tops Models or taking part in France’s version of Dancing With the Stars competitions.

Karembeu first married footballer Christian Karembeu in December 1998. Following their separation in 2011, she began dating Armenian businessman Aram Ohanian before they split in 2022; their daughter Nina is named after them. Karembeu is also renowned as an influential humanitarian. Using celebrity status for good, she used charity work for those less fortunate – work which was recognized by President Nicolas Sarkozy who presented her with the French Legion of Honor award as recognition of significant contribution made towards society – making her one of France’s highest honor bestowed upon foreign nationals.

Adriana Karembeu’s Career

Adriana Karembeu is an award-winning model and actress, known for modeling for various international brands and appearing on many fashion magazine covers. Additionally, she has made several television show appearances. Born in Brezno, Slovakia she started her modeling career while studying medicine in Prague. Later she moved to Paris and quickly established herself within fashion’s ranks – her stunning looks and body quickly made her one of Paris’ premier models – often seen sporting designer apparel during shows.

In 2008, she appeared alongside Gerard Depardieu and Franck Dubosc in Asterix and the Olympic Games movie. Additionally, she joined Franck Dubosc as part of his French version of The Muppet Show cast and has received nominations and won awards throughout her career.

She competed in France’s debut of Dancing with the Stars, dancing alongside partner Julien Brugel to reach the semi-finals. Additionally, she has appeared in several television shows and commercials; additionally she holds the Guinness record for having longest legs among female fashion models.

She first married French football player Christian Karembeu in 1998; after their separation in 2011, she returned to her birth name – Adriana Sklenarikova – and later married Armenian businessman Aram Ohanian in 2014. They divorced three years later with Nina being their daughter.

Adriana Karembeu’s Net Worth

On September 17, 1971 in Brezno, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), Miroslav and Zlatica Sklenarikova gave birth. Her father worked as an engineer while her mother practiced medicine; Natalia is her elder sister who currently resides with them both after both have passed. Both parents have since died. Currently living with her daughter in the US with an estimated net worth estimated at $20 Million, she boasts numerous awards such as Victoria’s Secret model status with nearly 50-inch legs as well as features prominently within many fashion publications such as Vogue among many more!

Personal Life of Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu, born and raised in Brezno, Slovakia is a fashion model and actress who holds the Guinness record for having the longest legs among female fashion models. Raised by her grandmother and mother until moving to Paris as an adult to model professionally – Karembeu graced numerous fashion magazine covers like Maxim and Vanity Fair before appearing on television shows such as Top Model, Rendez-vous en terre inconnue and in 2008 took part in Danse avec les Stars season one!

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Adriana Karembeu’s Awards

Adriana Karembeu has earned many accolades throughout her career. Born in Brezno, central Slovakia and entering and winning a modeling contest to start modeling professionally in 2003, Adriana went on to appear in numerous films and TV shows including Top Model on Metropole 6 as host and Rendez-vous en Terre inconnue on France 2 as participant, where celebrities are taken unfamiliar places and forced to live alongside locals for 14 days before moving back home again.

She is an accomplished fashion designer and model, having represented various brands. Additionally, she has graced various magazine covers.

Adriana Karembeu became Adriana Karembeu when she married Christian Karembeu of French football (soccer) fame in 1998, changing her name accordingly. They divorced three years later. Adriana then married Aram Ohanian from Armenia as her businessman spouse in 2014, giving birth to their daughter while living together in Morocco with Aram Ohanian and Adriana as vegetarians both contributing to charity by providing funds for supporting schools near Brezno where she hails from as well as building homes for homeless individuals in Morocco. Adriana Karembeu is known to donate money towards helping schools as well as help build homes for homeless individuals; both husband and wife have given generously over time in support of charitable initiatives which she’s involved herself in as she’s given time in both roles over the years in order to pursue these endeavors as well.


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